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A book I picked up at a used bookstore in Halifax





My colleague, Ian Ferguson, just had the somewhat unique experience of reading his own obituary. I’m sure the Leading Edge will be rather embarassed when they figure it out. In the meantime, I can reassure anyone who knows Ian that if he’s dead, he’s doing a remarkable job of not showing it. I think a dryly witty letter to the editor would be called for — I’ll pass on any good suggestions to Ian.

But instead of being swayed by either side, we at UDN, Inc. have found a theory that effectively
merges the strengths of the two theories without the weaknesses.  The intelligent design people
say there are too many holes in the fossil record, and that evolution is only a theory; the
scientists say there’s not enough evidence of intelligent design.  So we say, instead, that
life has indeed been designed, just not very well.

All hail Unintelligent Design!

Here is an elegant demonstration of the cohesiveness of scientific literature.

Or something like that.