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The operating system (Mac OS X 10.10), that is, not the national park. I rather impulsively upgraded over the weekend, which broke a few things — here’s how I un-broke them.

  1. MATLAB — this was the big one. I stupidly failed to check, and it turns out that the MATLAB version I had installed (2012b) isn’t compatible (something to do with Java versions). I installed 2013b instead (the latest version our IT has) and applied the patch available here (requires a Mathworks account).
  2. SAC — it failed to start after the upgrade, with an X11 error. To fix it, I added a symbolic link in /usr (either /usr/X11 or /usr/X11R6, I forget which one was missing) to where XQuartz lives (/opt/X11) and that fixed the problem.
  3. Fink — my previous Fink installation continued to work, but wouldn’t update without a reinstall of a new version. I tried the new version (0.38.0) which I managed to install with some fiddling, but most of the packages I need wouldn’t work, so I went back to my old installation. I’ll give them a few months to get the packages ported (I can’t work without GMT, and gnuplot is also pretty much essential to me).