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Sumatra, again

As you all undoubtably already know, another earthquake hit Indonesia today. Though plenty bad enough, it doesn’t seem to have been the level of catastrophe the previous one — thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been a widespread tsunami.

What is surprising to me is the range of magnitude estimates. I’ve seen estimates from 8.1 to 8.7 today — even the moment tensor estimates disagree (8.1 and 8.6). I suppose a definitive estimate will have to wait for a rupture model, though. This map is particularly interesting in that regard — could this earthquake have filled in the gap between the slip regions of the 2004 and 1861 events?

I had to pretend to know something about it, since I’m the most conveniently-located seismologist for Winnipeg media outlets. All I did, mostly, was interpret what’s on various web pages, but it seems to have been sufficient — as a result, I spent half of today doing one interview or another. Haven’t looked to see how much of a total idiot I look like on TV, though.