Putting equations on the web is, as everyone knows, a royal pain in the ass.

I’ve been researching this, both for course purposes and potentially for this log, and it seems that the only widely-supported solution is a bunch of little gif files. That’s deeply irritating — for one thing, on TypePad, I’d have to upload, and keep track of the names of, a dozen little files for each post — hardly worth the hassle, and the equations would end up being editable online.

Then there’s MathML. Just for grins, here’s a MathML equation:




(cribbed from a w3.org test page). It’ll probably work OK in Mozilla — but anyone else is going to need a plugin, which may or may not work. And it’s still a hassle to generate; there are various LaTeX to MathML converters out there, but It’d rather just type LaTeX (which is a nice compact format for equations, and one that I know) directly into the browser; the MathML source is rather bloated and hard to edit by hand.

Anyone out there have any better ideas?


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